Rating Analysis

Rating Analysis

First the rating, then the credit.

For many companies comes the first time:

They need to allow to have their plans checked- auditors want to know if the management is well organized and the balance sheets and strategy are in order. This procedure is called rating and it checks whether the company can repay a loan the next day after it has been taken.

Soon there will be no more funding for companies without rating. Starting with 2007 is also be mandatory in Germany.

So please get ready.

We advise you before the necessary rating on the weak points, before the bank employees come into your company to ask for balance sheets, profit and loss account of recent years, judgments about market position, products and innovative power as well as the strategic energy from the management.

After all the evaluation criteria, you will then receive a Triple A or CCC as a doubtful case, or a C for failed. Please be prepared for all modalities related to the financial structuring of your company and do not be surprised.

We advise you and evaluate the creditworthiness of your company in advance.


Our offer on the topic of rating in small and medium-sized enterprises is intended to provide you with important information and guidance on the topics of rating and Basel II.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises fear that their financing options will get worse within the framework of change in corporate finance.

With its range of services, CONNex offers support for companies in adjusting to these changes.

At present, the financing landscape is undergoing fundamental change. The new information and communication technologies make the financial markets definitely more transparent. As a result of the often unsatisfactory returns in the corporate lending business, some credit institutions are looking to put business relations with corporate customers to the test.

The change in corporate business is further accelerated by Basel II. CONNex prepares you and provides not only the first RATING check on the basis of a multiple discrimination analysis but also the complete company rating.