ERP System

ERP-System for your company

Your business is complex and you and your top management must be supported by an effective, computerized ERP system in the performance of the planning and control tasks. Particularly with regard to competitiveness, the speed at which items of information are collected, processed, managed and provided plays nowadays an increasingly important role. This can only be performed by an intelligent software and a high-performance hardware.

ERP system is an IT-based system of software solutions that will help the management to monitor the existing resources and business processes. With the help of the ERP system, it is possible for them to

  • design the resources in the individual departments,
  • to influence the resources and
  • to effectively manage the resources.

ERP systems are integrated programs that are based on a central data management and map and describe all business processes of a company.

By continuously monitoring the success factors (KPI) of your business process respectively of your company you have the possibility to react immediately in case of nonconformities. This avoids costs, optimize logistics processes, increases the quality and brings you closer to the customer.

The integration of information and applications in their entirety reduces the cycle times of the various processes and facilitates the organization of work processes in the company.

The ERP-System is composed of different modules like in the following examples

  • Material administration,
  • CRM,
  • Accounting department
  • Production process/part production process A, B, C,… or

An integrated database is created for all individual departments, which allows a basis for a comprehensive process monitoring and control.

We can analyze together the key business processes and we can check in how far your existing ERP system meets today’s demands and provides critical metrics for controlling the process and KPI for the Controlling and the Management. Depending on demand, we work with you to draw up a specification and in a second step, a rough specification for software development, customization of the ERP system is needed.

The objective must be the focus on the client, on his/her needs and on the product.