Process Optimization

Process optimization

A process optimization within a company is a never-ending process of improvement. In order to maintain the competitiveness of your company on the market in the future, it is important that you optimize your processes based on a cost / benefit analysis. Primarily, in case of process optimization, the processes along the value chain are improved and they are made more effective and transparent.

Based on these changes with integration of your professionals and staff, you can save substantial costs in your company and you can better use both the resource personnel and the machines and materials. By taking into account the ideas and the staff, you create an interactive working environment and you can therefore align your business to the challenges of today’s market.

Furthermore, other objectives can be achieved through process optimization such as the improvement of workflows and thereby shortening lead times. This can also have a positive impact on the workload but also on labor accidents. By optimizing the production employee satisfaction, productivity can grow and additionally be increased.

But not only internal factors play a role in the process optimization. In cooperation with upstream or downstream value chain operations, purchasing, storage and distribution of products can be better coordinated.

Objectives of the project optimization


To achieve the set objectives through process optimization, there are some methods to implement this projects:

  1. – Lean Management
  2. – Total Quality Management
  3. – Six Sigma
  4. – Business- Process- Reengineering

Lean Management

Lean management is the totality of thought principles, methods and procedures for the efficient creation of the entire value chain of industrial goods in your company. The aim is to test all the activities in a process regarding the need and the possible optimization. These include, where appropriate, that the same or similar process steps are performed multiple times, that work flows are too complex or regarding their chronological processing sequence they have resource-friendly optimization potential. In addition, the objective is an increase in quality.

The processes are to be regarded from two different points of view, to test and to improve.

On one side from the customer’s perspective,

to get a clear understanding of the expectations of the product, the availability, quality, individuality and pricing.

On the other side from the entrepreneur’s perspective,

in order to implement this customer-related understanding regarding the profitability and competitiveness.

With the help of Lean Management a process-oriented corporate management, clearly defined, lean processes and procedures, clearly distributed responsibilities and logical communication paths can be achieved.


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