Current tax and legal


Degradation of cold progression

The taxpayer has made sure that the federal government manages the end of 2014 without new borrowing. Tax revenues have reached a peak of 270.8 billion euros – that is eleven billion more than the previous year. That the federal government finally needs to establish a relief in the so-called. Cold progression, is no longer deny. Also benefits due to continued low interest rates, the federal government – why should taxpayers here get no relief already required. In a progressive-related incomes of citizens currently has to accept a non einzusehende disproportionate tax burden.

Commercial tax revenue has increased

The Federal Statistical Office announced in a press release that the municipalities have taken in 2013 around 43 billion euros of trade tax. This is compared to last year, an increase of 1.8%, which means the highest revenue in 12 years. The increase is mainly in Hamburg above average in nationwide comparison with more than 15%. In Lower Saxony, however, is the source of income on rückläufigsten, even here was recorded a decrease of more than 5%.

Amending amnesty voluntary disclosure

The financial administration has given in a press release dated 08.27.2014 announced that the rules for voluntary disclosure to be tightened considerably. With a bill the following measures to be implemented, inter alia, 01/01/2015:

Extension of limitation periods from 25000.00 EUR a penalty surcharge must be paid the criminal contract will be staggered depending on the tax evasion sum. Supplementary measures to adapt to new regulations are also included in the legislative text.

Doubled funding for start-ups

Who wants to get loan funds low, must maintain a good rating. Just too little equity ratio is often a barrier for small businesses and entrepreneurs to get access to credit financing. The BMWi has now increased the funding from 35 million to 70 million to provide better financing opportunities especially for start-ups. More information can be found on the Internet at