Reorganization Consulting

Reorganization consulting

As experienced reorganization consultants, we support companies in crisis by offering field-tested solutions and taking over management functions if needed.

CONNex manages to build consensus between creditors, owners and other stakeholders in critical situations and to turn realistic expectations into results.

Our skilled reorganization consultants are familiar with crisis situations and can master difficult situations in the process of restructuring.

We focus on offering swift decisions and solutions, which can deliver measurable progress and results upon implementation. We work together with the management team not only in developing a realistic plan and examining alternative solutions, but also in bringing about stability in the relationship with suppliers, customers, banks and employees, and also taking care upon request of the success-critical communication with all parties involved.


Our experts (our in-house legal experts, tax consultant, business economists and engineers) take over the role of the reorganizing Interim Management upon request, thus acting as an integral part of the overall management.

We will gladly support your company with regards to financial restructuring: These include the stabilization of finances, cash management, liquidity procurement and liquidity controlling, negotiations with creditors and the development of reorganization strategies.