Interim Management

Interim management

“Interim management means that we temporarily take over the responsibility for your enterprise.“

When a temporary supplementation or reinforcement of the existing management or employee team becomes necessary, interim management is the solution. Usually, an enterprise’s personnel capacity is designed with view to mastering the ordinary day-to-day business. That is why extraordinary situations, which occur only rarely, may quickly result in the overloading of the existing organization – which may be with regard to contents as well as to capacity.
Examples of such extraordinary situations, which can be excellently and successfully mastered with the help of an interim manager, are company acquisitions, including the necessary integration tasks, particularly business crises. Especially recently, in case of crisis situations banks have been increasingly demanding the employment of a chief restructuring officer (CRO) on the management level, whose sole task is to carry out the agreed upon reconstruction measures.

As for CONNex, we only employ experienced executives from the field of industry and consulting as interim managers. Typically they already have years of operative or project experience in the above-mentioned extraordinary situations.


If required, CONNex experts take an active role as a company organ and assume responsibility for the realization of the required measures.

CONNex ensures the integration of all performers and guarantees that all measures are carried out fast. As another way of ensuring success, the fee CONNex charges to a large degree depends on the defined result of the operation.