Project and Investment Consulting

Project and Investment Consulting


Project consultancy in the field of renewable energies and environment

The market for renewable energies, but also for environmentally relevant projects in the waste and water sector, has developed into a significant and rapidly growing industry. The general conditions have improved significantly in almost all european and international markets.

This development offers new opportunities for investors, manufacturers and project developers as well as for operators. At the same time, however, the requirements for a professional technical and economic project presentation, especially with regard to the financing of the projects, also increase.

In this respect international finance possibilities are necessary for big projects.


The size of the projects become a financial challenge

Projects in the field of renewable energies are increasingly reaching dimensions where conventional financing solutions reach their limits. The application of the structures and processes internationally known from the financing of large-scale projects to an innovative environment is required. With the “project financing”, a suitable and internationally applicable financing instrument is available. Project financing defines the project as an independent economic unit (“project company”), which is financed solely on the basis of the cash flow generated in the future without or only with limited liability of the equity holder for the loan repayment. In order to meet the requirements of project finance, in a complex process, in addition to technical and economic feasibility, it is above all necessary to make the proof of reliable financing structures and risk factors.

Numerous external specialists are involved in the structuring and preparation of project financing. In the field of renewable energies and the environment, this complexity entails new challenges that must be properly structured and arranged, coordinated and monitored.


Long-standing experience in the industry

CONNex has been active in the field of renewable energies, water and waste management for many years. CONNex is networked with national and international investors and financial institutions

.• We know the capital market requirements.

  • We are independent from financing interests and generate the best possible financing conditions for our clients.
  • Our fees can be combined between fixed and performance-oriented remuneration.


Investment consultancy

Changed requirements for foreign capital financing require new investment structures and investment approaches. Investments become international.

The large number of possible partners and financing forms require a comprehensive planning and an exact chronological coordination of the project. CONNex Experts from the area of investment consultancy accompany national and international investment projects.


CONNex offers consultancy in the following fields:


Investment calculation

The profitability of an investment is assessed using the investment calculation, which represents all relevant payment flows. This analysis can be supplemented by an analysis of the effects, in particular on the external accounting.


Financing concepts

Professional financing concepts for equity and mezzanine transactions, for example, open up financing alternatives and improve the possibilities for raising capital for investments. All relevant funding, including from public funding, is taken into account.

Location analysis

Important for the decision are the respective tax regulations, the legal environment and the country policy framework. Here, we obtain the information from external tax and legal advisors.


Corporate design and contract design

CONNex offers consultancy for companies in matters of contract negotiations and recommends internationally active lawyers for the right contract selection.


Tax conception

Both in the case of foreign and domestic investments, tax-related aspects offer interesting design possibilities. The optimal investment structure is worked out by external tax specialists.


Control of the funds use

The funds use controls ensure that the funds of a project are used exclusively according to the investment planning requirements.


Financing advice

The structural change in case of the credit institutions, the changed legal framework and the various variants of financing offerings require a rethinking of their financing structure. A new active financial system is becoming more and more important, perhaps even a vital one. In this case, the top goal must be to ensure a cost-effective and cost-minimized financing variant.


Strategic company financing

The strategic orientation of the company forms the basis for the development of an individual financing concept. The right proportion of equity and borrowed capital must be recorded and built up with the selection of necessary and suitable partners taking into account cost minimization, tax aspects, as well as the requirements for the rating. In this case, a separate advice is required from the individual financing products.

CONNex fully accompanies its clients until the successful completion of the financing.


Financing in case of restructurings

In crisis situations, management and capital providers need fast, reliable information not only about the strategic and operational but also on the financial status of companies. Operational restructuring is aimed at improving the profitability and the short-term securing of the survivability of a crises in a company.

CONnex develops measures for the short-term release of liquid funds and the strengthening of the liquidity situation of companies. In addition, CONNex advises on financial restructuring measures, including discussions with investors and suppliers.


Transaction financing

A transaction would be advantageous for the development of the company, but a part of the capital is missing? The financing experts from CONNex, who are bank and product independent support companies in the selection of suitable investors and develop a financing concept based on integrated planning.