Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting

Expansion into new markets, focussing on core competences, generation change: There are many good reasons for transactions. However, every deal requires a very specific strategy. Detailed business-planning analyses and concepts are the basis for strategic decisions regarding fusions and takeovers and represent the business tools used by the strategy consultants of the CONNex Holding. They support enterprises in realizing their visions by translating them into facts, thus initiating the appropriate measures.

CONNex experts analyze the competitive environment and identify market trends. In cooperation with the enterprise, they develop a strategy on the company or the division level, find possible target companies, buyers or sellers and point out opportunities and risks. They turn strategies into solid business plans and work out a basis of decision-making, so that the company can actively shape negotiations and the transaction can be concluded quickly and successfully.

CONNex generates information about the strategic, operative and financial positioning of enterprises and determines, which parts of the enterprise contribute to the value creation and which destroy assets. The latter can be restructured or sold, so that   resources thus released can be used to promote the core business. Before a transaction, also the strategic options with

regard to the purchase of target companies are evaluated and synergy potential is identified.

Supporting strategic reorientation

Enterprises can profit from the know-how of CONNex, and use it to translate their strategic visions into facts, thus initiating the next necessary steps. With experienced experts at their side, enterprises can act in an circumspect way also in case of a rapidly changing market and even in situations of crisis.

CONNex supports enterprises when it comes to the strategic reorientation in different sectors, for example in developing future strategies.

In addition, CONNex specialists advise enterprises on their strategic decision-making, analyze value drivers and suggest possible courses of action, make recommendations and also point out the associated opportunities and risks.

Examples range from investment consulting to fiscal optimizing strategies or the choice of legal forms. Strategic consulting also includes the development of viable concepts for restructuring enterprises – also in crisis situations.

Experience shows that in most cases an enterprise crisis develops over a longer period of time and goes through different stages. The strategic crisis begins with wrong or avoided decisions regarding the securing of long-term competitiveness. Subsequently, the enterprise faces the danger of an earnings crisis: The diminished competitiveness results in sinking sales figures and thus in less earnings. Initially, it might still be possible to keep the profit constant through extraordinary measures. However, if such possibilities are exhausted, an acute liquidity crisis sets in fast, finally leading to insolvency unless determined countermeasures are taken.

Typically, the described process is accompanied by a negation of the crisis by the responsible managers. Often, they are late to respond to the crisis, only reacting during a profit crisis or even only after the onset of the liquidity crisis. But the chance of a successful restructuring of the enterprise rapidly decreases from one state to the next. Once the enterprise’s financing partners are alarmed, it becomes harder to master the crisis by virtue of one’s own efforts. So the best way to cope with the crisis is to recognize it early and to take immediate counter-measures.

If required, CONNex supports your enterprise in every stage of the crisis. Here, the transition between consultancy and interim management is a flowing one. In order to determine the reasons within the shortest period of time, a fast, coordinated and parallel revision of different strands of work is crucial. At the same time, we keep up a transparent and proactive communication with the relevant groups (stakeholders) interested in the enterprise. Together with you we will work out the restructuring plan in addition to the operative crisis management, which includes cash management and planning as well as working capital management. Based on our longstanding experience we support you in the stringent realization of the planned measures.