Interpret company figures quickly and safe.
The controlling report sums up your economic situation.

Designed for medium-sized enterprises.

The report was developed specifically for the needs of medium-sized enterprises, considering that these enterprises are frequently so preoccupied with business operations, that little time is left for analyzing business figures.

Complex figures are displayed in a clear manner.

Thanks to its compact design with graphics and visual symbols, the controlling report can offer an overview of the economic development of an enterprise. Instead of obscure figures, the report brings together critical aspects of the development of a company to deliver a clear and easily comprehensible overview. The report can be created based on the current financial accounting.



  • planning and budgeting
  • effective controlling of costs, profitability and liquidity
  • understanding and interpreting key figures
  • use of company management tools


Your advantages:

  • transparent representation of turnover and cost figures
  • strengthening your position towards banks
  • active financing communication
  • possibly easier granting of credits and better interest terms by banks
  • improvement of your ratings with banks according to Basel II
  • no investments in expensive special software
  • sound and resilient corporate planning

avoidance of form errors as sometimes occur in larger Excel-based planning

Leave nothing to chance.

Make sure to set the course for your business success in time.