Meet CONNex

Meet CONNex

CONNex is a business consultancy and management company with broad expertise in the sustainable company development in respect to all related issues and requirements.

CONNex has created its own network of expertise in order to deliver optimal services. In addition to our own experts, the network also includes external specialist, who can be commissioned on a project basis if necessary . CONNex can thus activate and use the necessary expertise task-oriented.


Business consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises is the main focus of activity of CONNex. Together with our customers, we work towards the overall business development of enterprises in the short, medium and long term, based on a step-by-step approach. Our goal can be described in a nutshell: we want our customers to position themselves on the market in a successful manner, to become more competitive and to maintain their position on the market in the long run.

CONNex is oriented towards ensuring a sustainable development based on targeted strategy planning, a precise organization of tasks and a task-oriented management orientation in accordance to international conditions.

We are the interface between competition and our costumers, offering you the security that comes from having a competent, responsible and discrete partner at your side.

CONNex can therefore take adequate account of company-specific concerns, offering targeted and tailored services.