Welcome to CONNex

Companies that are part of an international network of business relations successfully maintain a strong market position as compared to companies that only act within a very limited knowledge base.

Plans for the future and visions cannot be carried out by a company nowadays without competent and multidisciplinary consulting.

CONNes is specialized in business consultancy in all respects regarding the participation of a company to the economic activity on the markets, as well as the search of expansion possibilities. This is the context in which CONNex thinks and acts at a transnational level, seeing itself as an interface between competition and customer.

CONNex is happy to offer business consultancy based on the expertise of business economists, engineers, tax experts and lawyers with many years of practical experience in politics, economics and administration.

CONNex offers business consultancy to small and medium-sized enterprises. This is where our core business lies, delivering services as a competent, responsible and discrete partner.

Apart from traditional consulting, our services also include:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Project development
  • Project funding
  • Funding consulting
  • Profitability and rating analysis
  • Foreign trade consultancy
  • Location search
  • Market evaluation
  • Marketing concepts
  • Restructuring consulting
  • Interim Management
  • Business startup consultation
  • Financial accounting (booking of current transactions)
  • Payroll accounting, also for construction pay
  • Company succession
  • Personnel consultancy

CONNex and its network of expertise will clear up all your concerns.


In the CONNex group of companies, we are also an investor in certain areas: